Cloud-based SF 330's
Automated Proposal Generation
You'll immediately understand the value of a true proposal generation system when you can build an SF330 in under an hour for about $20/month.

"How do we do that?", you might ask.

Simple. With an intuitive, user-friendly interface (web-based) and virtually no learning curve.
The amount of time to generate these forms should be measured in minutes, not hours or even days. Use the robust database and extensive auto-fill capabilities to produce accurate, high quality, professional looking forms within an easy to use, intuitive, user-friendly, feature-rich environment.
Select from a wide assortment of pre-designed custom pages and generate responses that will rival those from large firms with even larger marketing budgets. Help yourself move to the top of those short-lists using GFS.onDemand's proven formats and auto-fill features.
This new tool analyzes your form and detects any issues or errors that might cause problems when being evaluated by the agency or client. Even if you think you've created the perfect form, think again, or rather, let the Form Shepherd think for you!
Have project and staff information in other systems? Seamless integration with a variety of 3rd party vendors makes importing a breeze. Built-in routines with Vision, Ajera, Unanet A/E, BQE/Core, Cosential, QuickBooks, Monday and others are all available.
GFS.onDemand will use the information entered in your database to quickly and accurately help build the best team possible for your submittal based on criteria like firm/staff experience, disciplines, similarities, relevance and even the time-frame of when certain work was performed.
And why not do something else with all the valuable marketing information you've accumulated in GFS.onDemand! With the Word Integration Service you can design your own custom templates and merge them with existing data. It's a complete proposal automation system!
These are just a few of the productivity tools built into GFS.onDemand. Extensive customization and collaboration tools will have you wondering why you are using a different system or ever did these forms manually in the past.
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