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MS Word/Adobe InDesign Interface
The Word Interface enables you to create documents from forms you have already created with GFS! The forms are built automatically using state-of-the-art OLE technology. Once converted to Word, you can open a completed form with the ability to add, edit or remove any text, lines or graphics (almost any format) to or from the form at your discretion. Complete flexibility! You can also email these forms to Sub's or Prime's (or even the Agency you are submitting the forms to!) without worrying about compromising the confidentiality of the information in your database that you used to create the forms in the first place.
Create WEB pages "On-The-Fly". Once converted, the forms may then in HTML format and then add those forms directly to your companies web site (or email) providing a great marketing tool for your firm. Please take a look at the quality of these samples (see right).
Export project and resume information directly from the databases onto custom templates YOU design in Word.
Excellent for customized proposals and private sector bids!
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 • Word Interface
 • Word/InDesign OLE

Organizational Chart Generator 
A key component in a successful bid is the capability to graphically represent your firm's organizational structure or project's hierarchy.
Fast, intuitive, and easy to use.
New! Full word-processing capabilties (including graphics) in each node!
Quickly copy and paste sections from one chart to another.
Seamless integration with GovernmentForms.software™.
Exports to BMP, JPG or MS Word.
Organizational charts are REQUIRED on the new SF 330!
Click here for a sample with the new SF330 border.
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Sample Screens
 • Org Chart Generator

External Database Import 
Connects to any ODBC compliant database
Easy interface provides graphical mapping of fields
Smart import will not overwrite information currently in database
Make use of information already on your system!
Minimum requirement: Executive Version
Sample Screens
 • External Database Import