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OppsTracker - Opportunity Tracking System

We've just released our new opportunity tracking and management system called OppsTracker™.   This easy to use system will help you decide which opportunities to pursue by automatically establishing Requirements, Go/No-go decision matrices, and common Tasks.   Program synopsis and contact information is automatically imported into OppsTracker™, allowing you to monitor the entire life-cycle of the opportunity from solicitation to final award.   Your company will make better informed business decisions on all programs and opportunities that you track.
  • One-click retrieval from sources like FedBizOpps, SBA, OnVia, GovWin, Dodge, ePipeline, and more...
  • Automatic addition of opportunity Requirements, Go/No-go Decision Matrices and Tasks with Gantt charts
  • Seamless two-way integration with Outlook (and/or Exchange Server) including Contacts, Messaging, Tasks, Journal entries and reminders
  • Store notes, attachments, addendums, appointments, meetings, messages and ALL correspondence for each opportunity
  • Collaborate between multiple users
  • Integration with GFS and other proposal management systems
  • Market your firm with automatic messaging (CRM)

Ready to take a closer look?  
These sessions only last about 15 minutes, there's no obligation, and will cut right to the heart of the systems' many unique features and how they are used.
You'll be surprised by how much time and money a well organized system like this can save your firm and help you win more business!
pocketOpps™ - Our new cloud-based version of OppsTracker™

All of the features used by OppsTracker™  

Disconnect from your desktop and have all of your important business development information and requirements at your fingertips ANYWHERE you have internet access!

"It's essentially Salesforce for professional services firms!"
P. Bruck / 3E Consultants
Business Development Coordinator

Runs on any device!

Quickly extract and save Interested Vendors, Contract Administrators and Awardees from FedBizOpps (fbo.gov) directly into ANY of these systems:
    • Outlook
    • Salesforce
    • Campaigner
    • GoogleApps

What can FedBizOppsPLUS! do for you?    Think CRM designed specifically for FedBizOpps!
  • Build your contacts list of prospective team members, colleagues, partners, or even competitors
  • Establish a "blacklist" of parties NOT to contact
  • Maintain a list of agency administrators
  • Place contacts ANYWHERE in Outlook (or Exchange Server)
  • Filter lists by NAICS codes, location, business types or solicitation number
  • Keep track of all outgoing AND incoming correspondence related to specific opportunities
  • One-click Merge & Send Draft messages from Outlook   New! PRO Version
  • One-click download of ALL files and links associated with an opportunity   New! PRO Version
  • Campaign Tracking: See how successful your outgoing messages are   New! PRO Version
  • Also works with: SBA/CCR, GovWin, iSQFT, ePipeline, Reed Construction Data, and others...
  • Seamless integration with our latest release of OppsTracker
  • Subscriptions starting as low as $17/Mn
Ready to Order?   

"No exaggeration, what literally use to take me hours, I now do in just seconds!  Awesome product!"
Aaron Ellis / V.P. Marketing

FedBizOppsPLUS! is considered middleware and can be defined as:
An application that resides between two other programs or systems. By accessing key components from each of those systems, middleware allows those systems to seamlessly interact resulting in a more productive environment.

Ask about how we help you use our technology to integrate with other systems.