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Training (online)
NEW!  Purchase a pre-recorded training class about generating SF330's within Government Forms Software. The one time price of $49 allows for unlimited viewings at times convenient for you from ANY computer.   Order now.

Sign up for tutorials now! We now offer online training sessions (using GotoMeeting) that will cover every aspect of Government Forms Software as well as insightful information on how to complete these cumbersome forms and give your firm it's best chance to land those lucrative projects. These hour-long classes are hosted live by a GFS Professional and are designed to help you quickly become a Government Forms Software expert. We promise it will be the most productive hour you spend on the internet this year!

You'll learn more about generating the Standard Form (SF) in one of these training classes than in ANY conference available at any price!

Sessions include detailed instructions and examples on how to generate and complete the SF330 as well as designing your own CUSTOM templates that can be used for ANY type of submittal or proposal.

Topics that will be covered during each class:

General program usage and file structure
How to move around a form, fill fields and make mass changes
Using the databases and general entry information
Moving information from the databases onto the forms
Form properties, features, manipulation and customization (including adding, deleting, moving and duplicating pages)
Exporting forms to Word or PDF
Attaching to external datasources
Back-up and repository features
SF330 - Autofill capabilities and form logic
Questions and answers

We also conduct training sessions for our other products: OppsTracker and FedBizOppsPLUS