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   Word Interface FAQ's  
When we upgrade to the SF330 will we still be able to use our current data and forms?
The new SF330 only provides space for one resume (Section E) and one project (Section F), yet it states in the instructions that you can submit up to 10 of each?  How do I create those extra pages?
I've added and switched the position of some pages in my newly generate SF330, how do I automatically renumber (repaginate) the entire form?
On the SF330, Part I, Section F Block 24, should the project photos be inserted on the page, as an attachment, or an appendix?
Item 10 on Part II of the SF330 asks for the Average Annual Revenue for the past 5 Years.  Will GFS calculate that figure automatically?
The fields on Part II (Item 9 and Item 10) of the SF330 seem to be out of order, how can I fix that?
Concerning the rollover to the year 2001 and beyond on the SF 254, how do I change the "19"s to a "20"s on Item 9?
How do I make the information I have entered into the databases appear on the form?
When selecting projects from the lookup list the wrong project (often the same one) appears on the form. What's wrong?
How do I insert graphic images (pictures) onto the forms?
I need to re-register the Trial Version but I can't find the serial number that was originally assigned to us. What should I do?
How do I move the program (and all of the forms and data) from one machine to another?
When trying to access the online Help system I receive the error "Cannot find the \gfs help file." or "The Help System is unavailable to UnRegistered Users!"   What should I do?
Is there a limit on the amount of information I can enter?
How can I DUPLICATE the current page of the form?
Can I use information from other applications?
What about customizing the forms?
How do I add a predrawn custom page to the current form?
When printing, why does the right side of my form get cut off?
How do I change the vertical line spacing of the project fields?
When the form prints out why can't I see the text I've entered?
The Default Font Type and Size selected under File - Preferences will not appear on the forms?
Why doesn't the form print correctly? (...the text and pictures are the wrong size.)
When trying to open Profile Codes or Functions from the Data menu I receive the error "Required file missing".  What should I do?
I've have seen a list of different profile codes that have descriptions defined past 200? Where are they from?
When trying to spell check, the message "Error opening dictionary C:\Program Files\Government Forms Software\ENGLISH.DCT" appears.  What's wrong?
When editing a form, how do I select more than one field at a time?
I lost the File Tree on the left side of the screen. Where is it?
When I attempt to run a report using the Reports menu, my system freezes.
How do I quickly rename (or delete) a form?
Which files need to be backed up in order to properly save all of my pertinent information?
How do I remove "phantom text" from the form?
How to create a User DSN ODBC connection to your system for use with the Client/Server Version and MS Access.
I receive the error "The Client/Server Version requires that a User DSN called [Government Forms Software] must first be established in order to function properly." when I start the program.  How do I fix it?
When trying to Zip Data/Forms I receive the following error: "Unable to load GFS_Zip.dll!"
I need to set a filter on project records that are imported, is that possible?
How do I import information from the CTM/SF Reporter program?

 Word Interface   (Current Version: 14.2014.4.60)
GFS Program FAQ's  
Problem: I can't find the Word Interface on my system after installation.
The Word Interface MUST be installed in the same folder as the Government Forms Software program itself (GFS.exe). If it is installed in the wrong folder it will not appear as an option on the Field/Form/Page tool bar in GFS when a form is open and will also not appear as an option on the Format menu. Make sure these two files are located in the same folder as GFS.exe:
    gfs-word.exe       gfs-word.hlp
In addition, click the Advanced button in the File-Preferences window and click Yes when prompted to "Clear this path?". Try reopening a form after that.
Problem: I can't find any of the predrawn forms (templates) that were suppose to come with the Word Interface.
This is directly related to the above problem and can be remedied by simply moving ALL the contents of the Word folder generated by the Word Interface installation to the correct location. For instance, a proper installation would more than likely place the Word templates in a location like this:
C:\Program Files\Government Forms Software\Word

Please review the GFS-Word.hlp file for more on the templates and a description of each one.
Error: Could not open macro storage
Find the file and rename it or remove it.
Error: The message filter indicates this application is busy.
You are probably running Norton AntiVirus which has a known bug which conflicts with the Word 2000 Automation Object.    Read more.    You need to Run the following to fix this problem:

Regsvr32 /U "C:\Program Files\Norton SystemWorks\Norton AntiVirus\OfficeAV.dll"
Error: Server Execution Failed
You are probably running Norton AntiVirus which has a known bug which conflicts with the Word 2000 Automation Object. To fix this problem you need to disable the Norton AntiVirus plug-in for Microsoft Office 2000 by following these instructions:
Error: Call was rejected by callee
See above. You are probably running Norton AntiVirus which has a known bug that conflicts with the Word 2000 Automation Object. To fix this problem you need to disable the Norton AntiVirus plug-in for Microsoft Office 2000 by following these instructions:
Hint: How to speed up conversion process.    New Hint! 
Due to the inherent nature of OLE, the calls to the MS Word object can take time to execute. Therefore, to speed up processing time once the conversion has started you can click on ANY menu available within Word (i.e., File, Edit, Help, etc.) and let it simply display on the screen. DO NOT click on any commands on the menu itself. This will force Word to bypass many if its internal checks when adding or modifying text objects and our tests have shown that this speeds up the conversion process by 50-60%.
Problem: Conversion process takes a very long time.
If the conversion process is taking an extremely long time (more than a couple minutes) you probably have not selected a Template to use as a base form or page. If you don't select a template the conversion program will attempt to create every single object on the form (lines, text, boxes, and fields), which can consume many of your systems resources. Use these templates for converting forms or pages:
For a GFS form of this type...Use this Word Template
SF 254DEF254.doc
SF 255DEF255.doc
Single ResumeRESUME.doc
For a GFS page of this type...Use this Word Template
SF330 Section A-C(D)SectionA-C(D).330.doc (or Page1.330.doc)
SF330 Section ESectionE.330.doc (or Page2.330.doc)
SF330 Section FSectionF.330.doc (or Page3.330.doc)
SF330 Section GSectionG.330.doc (or Page4.330.doc)
SF330 Section HSectionH.330.doc (or Page5.330.doc)
SF330 Part IIPartII.330.doc (or Page6.330.doc)

The Word templates can be found under the Word folder of your GFS system folder. To select a different template for each page (requires version 04.07.15 or higher) click on the Use Template header when the desired page is selected. To remove an assigned template for a specific page, press the Delete key on your keyboard, or press the Cancel button when selecting a template.   See below for more information on the new table-based templates.
Question: How do you remove a page from the Word Document?
Use the Select Objects on the Drawing Toolbar to select ALL the objects on the page to want to remove. Once all the objects are selected, right-click and use Cut (or press the Delete key on your keyboard) to remove the objects. Then press the Delete key to remove the empty page. It is easiest to remove an entire page while your Zoom is set to Whole Page.
Question: How do you ADD a new page to the Word Document?
Basically, you can only add a new page formatted as a page that already exists in the document. For instance, to add a new Resume page (Item 7 of the SF 255), you would need to duplicate the format from a Resume page that already exists. Use the Select Objects on the Drawing Toolbar to select ALL the objects on the page to want to duplicate. Once all the objects are selected, right-click and use Copy to place all selected objects on the clipboard. Then move your cursor to the very top left corner of the page where you want to insert a new page and Insert a Page Break (use the Insert menu). Then click Paste from the Edit menu. It is easiest to add a new page while your Zoom is set to Whole Page.
Question: The Resumes and Projects database files have a Tab labeled "Word OLE".  What does that do?
This feature allows you to place information from the current record directly onto a template in MS Word and can be used for custom forms and proposals. If you leave the Select Template field empty ("<none>") and Start the process, the program will create a template for you automatically. The process works by bookmarking fields on the Word template with the corresponding fields names from the database.
Question: How do I access the new table-based templates?
The installation process of the Word Interface will place the table-based templates in a folder called Table under the Word directory. Thus a typical installation of the Word Interface will enable you to find and select the table-based templates from this folder:
C:\Program Files\Government Forms Software\Word\Table
For a GFS page of this type...Use this Word Template
SF 254 - Page 1 (Item 1-9)Page1.254.doc
SF 254 - Page 2 (Item 10-11)Page2.254.doc
SF 254 - Page 3 (Item 11)Page3.254.doc
SF 254 - Page 4 (Item 11-12)Page4.254.doc

SF 255 Item 1-5Item1-5.255.doc
SF 255 Item 6Item6.255.doc
SF 255 Item 7 (1 Resume/Pg)Item7(1).255.doc
SF 255 Item 7 (2 Resumes/Pg)Item7(2).255.doc
SF 255 Item 8Item8.255.doc
SF 255 Item 8 (1 Project/Pg)Item8-1.255.doc
SF 255 Item 8 (1 Project/Pg w/Picture)Item8-1-2.255.doc
SF 255 Item 8 (2 Project/Pg)Item8-2.255.doc
SF 255 Item 8 (5 Project/Pg)Item8-5.255.doc
SF 255 Item 9Item9.255.doc
SF 255 Item 10 (1 Column)Item10(1).255.doc
SF 255 Item 10 (2 Columns)Item10(2).255.doc

SF330 Section A-C(D)SectionA-C(D).330.doc
SF330 Section E SectionE.330.doc
SF330 Section F SectionF.330.doc
SF330 Section F (Item 24 - 2 Cols)SectionF-1-1.330.doc
SF330 Section F (Item 24 - 2 Cols w/Picture)SectionF-1-2.330.doc
SF330 Section F (Item 24 - 2 Cols w/2 Pictures)SectionF-1-2P.330.doc
SF330 Section G SectionG.330.doc
SF330 Section H SectionH.330.doc
SF330 Part II PartII.330.doc